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About Jam Lady

Jam Lady is a home based cottage food project.

  • The kinds and type of jelly or jam that is available depends on the fruit that is in season. I use fruit and peppers that I grow in my own garden, trade or barter for.
    I also purchase organic grown products.
  • I do buy back jars at 50¢ per jar toward your next purchase.
  • If you have extra fruit around and want to trade, I will make it into jelly or jam. You get half and I get half. But you can take your half from another type of fruit that I have available.
  • If you have fruit that you just want to give away, I'll come and pick it up!
  • I can be found on most Saturday mornings during the summer at the Springdale Farmers Market from 9:00 to 12:00.
  • Free delivery to areas around Hurricane or come to my house to pick and choose the jelly or jam that you want. A list is available.
  • I also have gardening/household aprons available.
  • Shipping of jam or jelly is available.
    6 or less -- $11.35
    12 (case) -- $15.45


For More Information ...
Reach me at
(435) 668-5770 (cell)
... or ...
(435) 635-2940 (home)